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A Better Shipping Label

The shipping label is often the first thing your customers will see when they receive their order. Utilizing A Better Shipper’s custom shipping label service, you can ensure that your company branding is front and center. Add your logo to the top of the shipping label so your customers know where they bought their products from. Not only can you add your logo to the label, we also offer a space for unique messages that can be updated as often as you want.

Use the space at the bottom of the shipping label to promote your current products and sales. Retailers have found that when they include this information, they notice a 5% percent boost in sales*. This is also a great place to include incentives like coupons or promotional codes to encourage additional purchases, as well as messages to persuade your customers to follow you on social media, visit your website, and attend your events.

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Custom shipping label example

Unlimited Custom Messages.

Customize Every Message on Every Label Automatically:

Daily » Weekly » Monthly » Seasonally

Label example 1

Example: Week 1

Label example 1

Week 2

Label example 1

Week 3

Label example 1

Week 4

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Packing List Example

A Better Packing Slip

Get your message across with even more space for a custom message. On the backs of our Duplex shipping labels is a convenient, tear-off slip on which we can print the packing list, plus a customizable message. Let your customers know what to expect in their package while also encouraging them to shop with you again.

Use this extra message space to promote your other products! With the more generous message size, you can even include product images or logos to help familiarize your customers with the products you want to sell to them. Additionally, you can offer exclusive discounts directly to your customers or promote upcoming sales or events. Boost your sales and your brand with an additional custom message space on the packing slip.

Suffer from frequent returns or exchanges? Put return instructions on the packing slip in order to smooth over the return process. Have your customers ship the product(s) back to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

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Packing slip example 1

Example: Week 1

Packing slip example 2

Week 2

Packing slip example 3

Week 3

Get your message across with custom packing slips.

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Customized Shipping Label Options


Logos or Images

Customized shipping label solutions make it easy to include logos or images on your labels, which can be changed based on your scheduled promotions. Adding a logo or image on your label can also help maintain brand identity.


Return Instructions

Do you sell products that customers often decide to return or exchange for similar products? No problem. We can include our address and return instructions on the packing slip in order to smooth over the return or exchange process.


Custom Text Messages

If there is a special event or season, custom text messages can also be printed on shipping labels. For instance, you can create customized “Join our upcoming training” messages on your labels to generate interest and awareness.


QR Codes

Want to offer your customers a specific and interactive experience? Print a QR code on the label or packing slip that leads back to your website or landing page. Re-engage with your customers to turn them into repeat buyers.